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    • UMF Compatibility Info

      Mods that touch this actor:  WEFollowerDog
      Mods that touch this quest:  DialogueFollower
      Mods that touch these scripts:  DialogueFollowerScript, FollowerAliasScript, QF_DialogueFollower_000750BA, TrainedAnimalScript, WEDogFollowerScript
      Mods that touch these topics:  DialogueFollowerDismissTopic, DialogueFollowerFollowTopic, DialogueFollowerWaitTopic, DialogueAnimalTrainerSystemBuyAnimalTopic, DBCiceroStateFollowBranchTopic, DialogueFavorGenericFollowBranchTopic, HirelingQuestTopic1, HirelingQuestReHireBranchTopic

      Cicero (dark brotherhood) and the Companions are a bit tricky.  I realize that this will mostly make it s...

    • Assassin's Creed Unity SweetFX Mod

      just download the file, Unzip them and place them in the game root directory,run the game.

    • Version 2.8.1 Notes

      Foreign Lands Version 2.8.1 Bugfixes

      This is a small patch with only a few changes, but fixing some key annoyances that will appear. A couple extra goodies were thrown in.

      Weapon Changes...

      Hand Bombs:

      Most Hand Bombs suddenly made the wielder invisible because the +5 Vitality bonus was shared with Gendarme before the change to Lowtown Cloak. These have been fixed. Additionally...

      - Vitality decreased to 0
      - Speed increased to 4
      - Grants Water Potency
      Note: Synergizes with Water Bombs to be like Burning Bow.

      Magick Changes...

      Black Magick:

      Aeroga now appears on the Black Magick 8 License like it was supposed to. For a hot minute, the...

    • Version 1.1 Changelog

      Version 1.1:

      - added wolf and direwolf companions (act as wardogs) which can be obtained by special events assigned to ranger class
      - in OP version of the mod player already starts with wolf companion
      - added new crafting recipes for ranger armor and hood (available only to rangers)
      - fixed some spelling errors in events and descriptions
      - player now starts as level 3, this allows to pick dodge right at the beginning
      - funds decreased from 2/3 to 1/2 of normal
      - fixed a bug with ranger armor changing it's inventory icon after loading a game
      - added few visual variants of ranger hoods


    • Skyrim Female Model OverHaul (SFMO)

      This is a mod that replaces the models of the female charicters with better looking and more relistic charicters. it is also compatible with a handful of UPT and CBBE armors. if you find a armor that is compatible tell me and ill give you credit and add it to the list of known compatible armors.

      armors (known to work)
      Demon Hunter Armor by JoJo
      Remodeled Armor by K4miKaZe85
      Remodeled Armor CBBE - Armor and Clothing Extension Patch by LegendaryTherion
      Tera Armors Collection by io121
      BD's Armor and Clothing Replacer Complete Collection by sanosukx...



    • Special Case Mods

      Some mods require you to place it in a special place in the custom.ini file, like sResourceStartUpArchiveList, sResourceArchiveList2 and sResourceIndexFileList.

      If that's the case tell me, so I can update the mod to include them...

    • Custom NPC Use Example

      Below is an example of the setup for the unique messages.  Simply replace Haley with your NPC's name and change the dialogue to your own.   The HasMod condition means that the dialogue will only work if they have my mod installed.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO MODIFY MY MOD IN ANY WAY.

      "LogName": "Haley Jealousy Messages",
      "Action": "EditData",
      "Target": "Characters/Dialogue/Haley",
      "Entries": {
       "giftquestion_yes": "I hope they liked it!$h",
       "giftquestion_lie": "Why would you lie about that? I want a relationship based on trust and communication, not lies and secrets.$a#$b#...$s#$b#I thought you did too.$s#"
      "When": {

    • Feral Replacement System - Define your own custom replacement actors

      Name:      SKK Feral Replacement System
      ModFile:   SKKFeralReplacementSystem.ESP
      Platform:  Fallout 4 (PC, XBOX)
      Author:    [email protected]
      Source:    https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38334
      Date:      Jan 2019
      Version:   001 onwards

      If you want to use your own custom replacement actor, you can:

      > Use any existing base game/DLC actor, or
      > Use any actor from another mod, or   
      > Make your own actor in the Creation Kit.

      SKK Feral Replacement System (FRS) will detect file SKKFeralReplacementSystemCustomActor.esp and load whatever _NPC actor form is in location to offer as a  replacement actor in the holotape menu.

      A recent request to include Aliens as...

    • Gray Fox mod is here

      This is the very first time I create a mod for this game. Mind you, I have experience modding for Source games like GMod, TF2 and SFM (not a game but still applies). It's a completely different experience for me because the process is quite different and IMO pretty tedious for a first timer. I had no problem with rigging and compiling the model but I faced difficulties with the textures because I only have GIMP, not Photoshop so I couldn't export the texture file with suitable format and compression. Thankfully, I got help from highsouled, another Sekiro modder who guide me throughout the modding process especially exporting my texture file because he has PS.

      The mod works and I'm satisfied with the result so far. Took almost a week to get it done.

      So far, I have l...

    • Improved Ecosystem Series Roadmap

      The goal of this series of mods is to diversify, balance, and make the Commonwealth creatures follow the circle of life.
      There are currently four mods ready in the series: Stronger Radscorpion, Lethal Deathclaws, Stronger Behemoth, and Balanced creatures and NPCs.

      The plan ultimately is to have a Complete Ecosystem Rebalance in one all in one .esp.

      The Roadmap:

      1. Behemoth (Published)
      2. Deathclaw (Published)
      3. Balanced Creatures and NPCs (The framework for the series)(Published)
      4. Radscorpion (Published)
      5. Yao Guai (Coming soon)
      6. Mirelurk (Testing phase)
      7. Stingwing (Not started)
      8. Bloatfly (Not started)
      9. Feral dogs (Not started)
      10. Molerats (Not started)
      11. Radroa...

    • I'm out of my depth

      I've never done this before, I don't know what I'm doing and I'm too afraid to ask...



      Baixe e instale o SMAPI: SMAPI

      Passo a passo

      Baixe e descompacte o Longevity
      Localize o local de instalação do Stardew Valley (caso use Steam: botão direito em Stardew Valley - Propriedades - Arquivos locais - Navegar pelos arquivos locais...)
      Copie o arquivo Longevity extraído para a pasta "Mods" no diretório de instalação do Stardew Valley 
                  No Windows: Stardew Valley/Mods
                  No Mac: Stardew Valley/Contents/MacOS/Mods

      Instale o MCM (More Crops Mod)
                 No Windows:
                     Vá para "Stardew Valley\Mods\Longevity\MCM"
                     Copie a p...

    • Fallout 4-76 Define your own custom replacement actors

      Name:      Fallout 4-76 Open World
      ModFile:   SKK476OpenWorld.ESP
      Platform:  Fallout 4 (PC, XBOX)
      Author:    [email protected]
      Source:    https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32599
      Date:      Feb 2019
      Version:   031 onwards

      If you want to use your own custom replacement actor, you can:

      > Use any existing base game/DLC actor, or
      > Use any actor from another mod, or   
      > Make your own actor in the Creation Kit.

      From version 031 Fallout 4-76 will detect the file SKK476CustomActor.esp and load whatever _NPC actor form is in location to offer as a replacement and griefer (Combat Stalker with bad attitude) actor in the holotape menu.

      A recent request to include ...

    • Better Races my personal preference

      Welcome and thank you for taking the time. If you have any questions or preferences, feel free to talk, in a respectful polite way and we'll see what we can do....

    • Command History Buffer Limit - A UI-Driven Solution

      Alternatively, we can let the UI drive the CommandHistory buffer limit, allowing users to configure it themselves.
      To enable a new Console command called "SetConsoleHistoryBuffer (int)",  add the following yellow lines to your Console.as:

         public class Console extends MovieClip

       // Leave this alone, we'll allow users to change it later.
        private var HistoryCharBufferSize:uint = 8192; 

       private const BUFFER_COMMAND:String = "setconsolehistorybuffer ";   


       // Leave this alone, too.
       // W...

    • Kingdom Come: Deliverance

      Blood and Iron Perk System (Hardcore Update) is amazing mode. So... go play it even in russian localization!...

    • Upcoming Weapon Replacers Roadmap

      I tend to favour semi-lore friendly weapons so you will likely see more of those then modern weapons. I will make exceptions if a user requests a weapon in particular. All of my replacers are part of my Diverse Weapon Replacer Series and will have the logo with the title graphic.

      My ideology behind replacers is that they should not be distributed amongst all of the factions as that creates an imbalance in the gameplay. 

      Most often times, I will make the weapon very rare or semi-rare and/or limit it's availability to high-level faction members and bosses when it makes sense to do so. Sometimes, I will make only the uniques available or move - create locations - containers to fit new lore I might create if it has no lore, etc.

      Upcoming Weapo...

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