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    • why am i stuck at sixty fps and how to uncap that fps

      1 g-sync & v-sync cannot be enabled at the same time (example i had to turn off g-sync because it was keeping my fps locked at 60). granted my TV does not support g-sync anyways

      2 when using g-sync, v-sync or freesync, it is essential to make sure that your fps is not being locked through a program like nvidia profile inspector (not sure what the amd equivalent is). otherwise your fps will remain locked even if using sse display tweaks or enb series

      3 the driver settings for your graphics card will often overwrite your program settings, the solution is to make sure that your program settings and driver setting match each other so that hey are not fighting with each other

      4 if using two mods like enb and sse display tweaks then you will need to make s...

    • Chassis Editor V2.1 Released

      Fixed a minor bug that could cause crashing when modifying a single file.

      Fixed a MAJOR bug that was setting "VisibilityMultiplier" of chassisdef files to 0. This would render the mech practically invisible.

      Future Update:
      I noticed an issue where you could modify a single file, then do a batch edit which includes that file, and return to the single edit mode to find that the displayed values were from before the batch edit. You have to reload the file to see the new values. I wanted to get the other fixes out right away, but I will work on this in the future....

    • All the documeantation.

      This mod creates Qui Gon Jinn and replaces Obi Wan Kenobi. This mod is online safe, but as all mods go use it with caution online. This mod features custom boot textures, an extemtion to his hair mesh, and a completely new lightsaber mesh. There are two separate appearances one with and without his jedi robes, I hope you enjoy the mod!...

    • My 3rd download

      Enjoy please let me know if there are any issues...



       Yennefer   I'm gonna redo this one


      Perfect Illusion
      Stupid Love


    • Modder Resources: MRP Pack


      The mrppack is a file consisting of multiple mrp files which are used to display various UI parts in the game.

      This includes:

      X and Y Position
      Width and Height
      Size and Scale

      and much more.

      This article will be updated in the following days to include much more information....

    • General Information And Modder Resources


      Story Progress

      Allows editing the current progress of the story. It doesn't include a dropdown list to avoid any spoilers. Please refer to here for a list of story progress values.

      Note: This doesn't include the progress of hunts, sidequests and mainquests like the gate to phon coast etc.

      Note: Some foes in the game like bosses, hunts etc. have a different decision criterion like their alive state. So if you beat Judge Ghis once, and then return to beat him again, he won't spawn and you will basically softlock yourself. This can be fixed and i may provide a way to do so in the future, but for now i recommend that you only use this to have fun :)

      Vertical FOV

      This one allows adjusting the vertical FOV of t...

    • Miscellaneous Scripts

      Miscellaneous Scripts

      A collection of scripts which enable various useful features such as managing your party, teleporting to a location at any time, summoning a chocobo, adding any item to your inventory and a lot more stuff.

      How to use:

      Download and install Cheat Engine from the Requirements.
      Download the mod and extract the cheat table from the archive.
      Open the game and Cheat Engine.
      Click on File -> Open Process.
      Select the game and click on Open.
      Click on File -> Open.
      Navigate to the extracted cheat table and click on Open.

      Now you should be ready. You can collapse the entries like General or Misc by clicking on the little box of the Active tab. The same applies for the scripts to activate t...

    • LUA Scripts

      LUA Scripts

      A collection of scripts with various quality of life changes and other useful stuff. All of these scripts are purposely designed to not write any data, but rather manipulate the data that is being read. This means that once you remove the scripts, everything will return to it's default state and there won't be any harmful leftovers. The only exception to this are scripts which obviously need to have a permanent effect like adding items or gaining more experience.

      How to install:

      Download, install and open the Vortex Mod Manager.
      Select Games on the left side bar.
      Search for Final Fantasy XII and select Manage.
      Download and install the External File Loader.
      Download and install the LUA Loader.
      Download T...

    • Failed road Hub to Floatsam village off-screen

      Somebody said to me that he wish for character to go from hub to floatsam village without problems  
      i had to get details because answers was rl just fraction of information, but i collected whole picture
      Basically he want character to go from The Hub to Floatsam village while he will be focused on totally different people  
      he was ending stuck aimless on the road with my mod and with vanilla, which is understandable once you see the map
      http://prntscr.com/tgsu8c   http://prntscr.com/tgsuqe  
      with my mod whenever character wonder how to go to destination 
      AI looks for closest red road and see if it direction made you closer to target and do couple of calculations with terrain 
      i decided to see how the road goes and where character ends

    • Documentation for v2.2

      This is my list of changes, how I arrived at them, and the rationale for any such modification.

      1) Bugfixes
      1a) Avoid randomized bodyhair distributer interactions
      Shandar erroneously uses "SkinMaleHumanBody" for the armor addon after calling the right texture; vanilla Skyrim doesn't use that list, so there's no issue as it's an empty list. However the randomizer populates it, which means the texture is sampled from the list. As Shandar's weight is 100, it picks the last texture from the list, thus replacing Shandar's custom texture. Remove the value of the node (right click, delete) to have it blank (i.e. grayed out)
          ShandarStandaloneFollower.esp/Armor Addon/OaNakedTorsoShandar/NAM2 - Male Skin Texture Swap List/

      Hands and feet texture...

    • The Annoying problem(s) with Weapons sorting (Fixed) Sort of.

      This is about the main 'generic' weapons, both un-enchanted and enchanted. 

      ASM already addresses a number of sorting problem with weapons:
      -Bows and Crossbows
      -Unique Meelee weapons (and staffs)
      Axes - a 'utility' weapon, both standard and specials

      However, this still leaves a LOT of weapons poorly organized. 2020.70 has found a way to address this, but......

      By default, even weapons sort poorly and in some cases, were poorly named, IE every Turn Undead weapon. (Fixed)

      Here is the 'problem'
      Default Example

      Iron Battleaxe       <
      Iron Dagger
      Iron Greatsword   <
      Iron  Mace
      Iron Sword
      Iron WarAxe*
      Iron Warhammer  <

    • License Details for the model.



    • Military Plasma Weapons - Plasma Spaz Patch AND Redux

      If you like Plasma Weapons and use Military Plasma Weapons, this mod adds them to the Plasma Spaz list....

    • I'm new and this is my second upload

      Please if there is any issues please let me know. I really enjoy making characters so expect more...

    • Horizon - FAQ on Survival and Starting Off

      I sometimes get told that while some of my game balancing makes the gameplay better, it is sometimes unrealistic.  This is not true at all.  I think many Fallout players forget that you are in a post-war fictional universe, and NOT the clean environment of modern times.  Please keep that in mind when determining what is realistic and what isn't.

      Q: How come I have to eat so much food per day to satisfy hunger?

      Actually, you don't.  Hunger in Horizon is perfectly realistic.  I think some players are just misjudging the size of meat and the size of food portions, as well as other factors.

      The size of the food you eat is strictly based on it's caps value.  In Horizon, you need 96 "food points" (i.e. caps value) per day to keep up with hunger. ...

    • Yes

      Link Copy - Kopyalanacak Bağlantı =
      X(You Disk):\Users\Y(You User)\Documents\My Games\Monster Sanctuary\
      FakeProGaming YT
      Yüklediniz için Teşekkürler.. - Thanks Uploading.. 
      Youtube=FakeProGaming YT 1 
      ve - and
      Youtube=FakeProGaming YT 2...


      I'm putting the changelog here as well. It easier to read here.

      VERSION 1.1
      Backup your save before installing. It's always good to do this. 

      More important changes

      1. Alternative version of the mod is now available, with fewer edits outside the walls. Should be more compatible with stuff editing the outside of Whiterun. 

      2. Compability edit for Bells of Skyrim. Should be compatible out of the box now (no need for patch). I had this mod after Bells in he load order when testing.

      3. Compability edit for Astronomer's Loft https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/38059?

      4. If you hate wood, You can now disable the street planks!

      * There's a dagger stuck in a barrel, outside the smithy by ...

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