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  • Futuras Traducciones

    Hola debido a la escáses de Traducciones de mods para Morrowind en Español muchos juegan en ingles o solo el Vanilla algo que puede aburrir a muchos, asi que estoy dispuesto a que Trabajemos ya que si no tengo apoyo no tengo el por que andar traduciendo apenas empiezo asi que queda por parte de ustedes, no solo me gustaria apoyo en donaciones sino también sugerencias en traducciones para asi adaptarlo a sus respectivos gustos siempre y cuando tengan sentido con el juego original claro, o si quieren que tradusca un mod especifico me avisan de antemano estaré dispuesto a ayudar dependiendo sea el mod si tiene mucho por traducir les apreciaría mucho una considerable donación puesto a que lleva tiempo y uno tiene necesidades y por la situación que vivimos ahora debido al Covid-19 ...

  • Jim's Home

    fbliheqrhbqetbqethbqergqrgqergqergqergergqergqrg caucakkc aca cockck

  • SM_Textures_rock_and_cave

    Retexture the four main types of caves in the game. "PY"  "MOLD" "MUD" and "LAVACAVE"...

  • SM_Textures_rock_and_cave

    Retexture the four main types of caves in the game.
    The archive contains eight basic textures (two for each type of cave)+eight normal maps (for playing on OpenMW)....

  • SM_Textures_rock_and_cave

    Retexture the four main types of caves in the game.
    The archive contains eight basic textures (two for each type of cave)+eight normal maps (for playing on OpenMW)....

  • What is the best survival mod for you

    Role-playing and survival are very important aspects of my Morrowind. Luckily, we now have a bunch of mods to choose from. This article aims to help you pick the right one for you.

    Original article on my blog

    Take this quiz to find out! 

    1. Necessities of Morrowind by Taddeus
    Food, Thirst and Sleep. Sleep can be disabled  

    + Unique features

    Cook with pots, pans, ovens, grills, knives, cutting boards, and rolling pin
    Learn recipes from books
    Brew teas (quest)
    New fruit juices and alcohol
    Food shops with dynamic displays across Vvardenfell
    drunk mechanics
    stamina mechanics
    + House mods
     Many have NoM functionality (UL for example)  

  • new stuff for morrowind

    NEW STUFF FOR MORROWIND README FILENEW SPELLS01) Cure-All cures all ailments except corprus02) deadly sphere a deadly blast of magicka03) deep freeze a deadly blast of frost04) divine wrath a mixture of all four elements (magicka    Fire frost and poison05) electrocute a deadly blast of electricity06) flight a fast moving levitate spell07) full chameleon 100% chameleon08) hellfire a deadly blast of fire09) mild paralysis 30 seconds of paralysis on target10) restore magicka (BONUS SPELL!! USES NO MAGICKA!!!    USEFUL FOR ATRONACHS!!!)11) smog a leathal sphere of poison12) weight of the world a very power burdening spell13) master key opens any lock on touch14) madness (a frenzy humanoid spell)15) spotlight a 100 magnitude light on self (very useful at night)All these spells are 50 magic...

  • Balmora Player Home

    This is my first mod. It's a fairly simple player home with a convenient location and convenient functions. The area around the home is also changed, because I felt like it was lacking a lot. It uses vanilla assets and I can't think of any major bugs that the mod could have, but please report anything you find. All feedback is welcome! :)...

  • Morrowind PC height customization.

    Allows you to customize the PCs height... Within a reasonable range that it doesn't make the game unplayable at least. Simply download
    whichever version you want for the PC character to have... Be
    forewarned, I'm not sure if something extreme like a giant Altmer can
    fit into certain settlements however, as I haven't tested that. There is
    the optional cosmetic only versions, and the primary files make stature
    have a slight effect on gameplay. Taller characters get increased hit
    chance from longer arms, but a permanent fatigue and sneak penalty,
    shorter characters have a slight carry weight penalty with a little more
    stamina and a lower chance of getting hit. These stat tweaks are very
    slight however, and won't have much impact o...

  • New content

    New ingredients...

  • Massive Skyscrapers for Balmora city expansion.

    Adds huge skyscrapers to Morrowind connected by  two levels of bridges and a vast sewage system below... With lots of parkour theft and assassination opportunities rewarding great level, and with lots of windows to break in through. That's about all basically... And you get to make Elevenpenny die....

  • Locked organic containers

    This mod locks all plants in game. That's all....

  • JS_Patch

    Что лично меня всегда раздражало в ванильном Морровинде, пускай и в угоду балансу игры?

    1. Невозможность просто так взять и попасть по противнику любым оружием, никогда не понимал этого -- исправлено.

    2. Отсутствие регенерации Здоровья/Магии/Стамины -- несколько версий на выбор: -- пониженная скорость регенерации (Здоровье/Магия/Стамина 1/2/3 единиц/секунду) -- средняя скорость регенерации (Здоровье/М...


    Для запуска следует распаковать все файлы вместе и запустить mwmap.exe.
    Обратите внимание: из-за большого размера exe-файла, антивирусы достаточно долго проверяют перед запуском (требуется подождать до нескольких минут после первого запуска перед тем, как в пустом окне терминала появится приглашение)....

  • Report any problem whatsoever ._. Please

    I'm learnig how to do this properly, my current objective it's learning to then start creating a full housing lore friendly mod. ...

  • Feedback welcome

    Hello all.

    I just wanted to invite you to give feedback as this mod is one of my first ventures into modding for other people to use as well.

    Please of course note any bugs or conflicts so that I can look into them.

    I would also love hearing feedback if this mod makes your gaming more enjoyable (knowing a mod is fun for more than just me encourages me to continue making new ones when I can find time).

    Finally, please let me know if there are things you'd like done differently with this mod, or if you have questions about it. I will try to get back to you as I can and if enough people are interested in a change/addition/etc, or it's simple enough to do quickly, I may try to provide a future update based on feedback as well.


  • Better Scamps

    After downloading "Wildman's Unique Creeper" and taking a look at the edited mesh in Nifscope, I noticed how bad the UV maps for the scamp were.  I attempted to modify them with Nifscope which seemed nearly impossible, but eventually I learned a little about Blender and managed to  "fix" the scamp mesh.  Also included are vanilla-esque versions of EJ-12's scamp textures that I think go extremely well with the modified mesh, but pretty much any textures should work. I originally planned on creating unique versions for the Creeper, the summoned scamp, and the dead scamp, as well as smoothed versions of each, but we'll see if it happens one of these decades....