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  • Electroblade


    Last Update: 25 Sep 2020
    Author: MarKxOS
    Uploader: MarKxOS

    Simple mod replacing the Electro Baton sprites to look more like one of the strongest weapons in the game.

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    Last Update: 25 Sep 2020
    Author: MarKxOS

    Simple mod replacing the Electro Baton sprites to look more like one of the strongest weapons in the game.

News & Updates

  • Wooden Sword

    It's a wooden sword....

  • B.T.C.









  • my free mod unlimitedhealthenergy for game Starbound (мод бесплатный сделан бесплатно по просьбе подписчика Белый шарик)unlimited health and energy
    неограниченное здоровье и энергия
    инструкция по установке в ролике, просто положите файл в папку Mods
    installation instructions in the video, just put the file in the Mods folder
    "maxHealth" : : 10000000.0 ; "healthRegen" 10000000.0;"maxEnergy" 10000000.0
    в ролике делаем спуск под землю.
    in the video do the descent into the ground.

  • Edit Starbound player_ysf04lu

    �ndirdi�in i�in te�ekk�rler.
    beni takip ed=

    Thank you for downloading.
    Follow me =

  • Ayy lmao.

    Idk what they want here haha, I'm just putting the mod up yo....

  • dancebound to russian hardbass

    Ever wanted to change the default sound of the Dance-Dance Machine to Russian Rardbass?
    Well now you can with the mod "Change Dance-Dance Machine furniture sound to Russian Hardbass"!...

  • About updates.

    New update is coming. I've had alot of stuff to take care of and just started porting this mod over to the new update. So hang in there. :)...

  • Plan for the next update

    I'm going to take a small break now that i've fixed basic support for Humans, Glitch and Florans. Avians and Hylotl have to little starting furnitures so i have to do something about that and Apex, well.. im just pure lazy with Apex atm. But they will get their race specific craftingbenches.

    For now i'm switching over my interest over the standard recipes, for the next update you can expect a new hunting crossbow that works like the ordinary bow but you do not have to worry about "powering" it up. However the crossbow cant get a critical power shot like the bow, it does however fire instantly.

    I'm also adding a new millstone, for now you can only grind wheat into flour in it but i might add more function for it later. I added this mainly ca...

  • Now supports Tabula Rasa and the latest file structure

    The modding scene and functionality is constantly shifting and is definitely unfinished, so installing multiple mods with changes to the player.config is going to be difficult for me to support.

    A solution which i have chosen to support, is a pretty handy new crafting table called the Tabula Rasa. It allows you to cook a torch in a campfire to make a new crafting table. This table does not require you to know any blueprints so all of the items i have added will show up for you. The legacy crafting options are still in place, so once you pick up the items from the Tabula Rasa, you will learn the blueprints.

    All 3 of my mods now support the new modding file structure;
    - Matter Manipulator Plus
    - Tech Bypass
    - Weaponised Bows

    Regards, <...

  • Remaking Starbug

    I have had a lot of fun modding ships in Starbound so far. But my favorite project is Starbug.

    I'm a huge Red Dwarf fan and this particular ship appeals to me. The only issue I had with it was scale. I just built her too small.

    I have spent the past few days reworking and modifying the size of this ship to something bigger.

    Hopefully it's big enough this time.

    As you can see from the image I'll also be adding in:

    Holly (male or female) as a tech computer
    Holly Hop Drive as the Navigation Computer
    Scutters for refueling

    Hopefully I'll be done soon! Pretty excited about the change....

  • Version 0.1 is out! Commence crafting!

    Hey everyone, Pentigan here with the first version of Homemade Arts and Crafts for Starbound. In this version, Hylotl characters can craft a Hylotl Woodwork Manual to allow them and anyone else who carries the book to create the Hylotl Classic set of decorations....